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Biohazard Complete (バイオハザード 完全な) is an alternative Wikipedia Encyclopedia for the Resident Evil series. You haven't got ANY FREEDOMS to install anything related to the Biohazard name from the video games to the films to the books and the toys. Plus your fan fictions and characters on here too.

Biohazard Complete is the best in-depth, comprehensive source of information and one of the largest on the internet to date. I'm containing various articles on the series games with information on key individuals who developed and acted for the franchise well being.

So if you loved Gun Survivor 4: Biohazard: Heroes Never Die and you feel very incomplete. You can read everything about Biohazard 3.5. The real story behind the unfinished game for FREE and UNCENSORED. Not even the so called "Resident Evil Wiki" would do what I'm doing here. WHY? Because its against there "RULES" to talk about "MODDING", adding "TRIVIAS" and talking about how "HOT JILL VALENTINE" is! More on that inside.

Your welcome here and you don't have to fear if you loved any the Biohazard characters and monsters. Gaming characters all need love too. I can say how HOT they are without a dumb ADMIN because this is my WIKI. :) Oh Dear Seems They Forgot To Use The Original Biohazard Game Name....Hahaha even Shinji Mikami hates the term "Resident Evil"! All of this effect putted in we can make our own free choices in life and be free thinkers! :) Quality Over Quantity. Jill Valentine.


WHY? You May Ask? Reptilians!

Someone couldn't fellow ONE SIMPLE RULE edit your very own BIOHAZARD Wikia. YES someone destoryed that CHANCE! YOU will get an instant BAN now.

Someone who is going to be a SLAVE to the NEW WORLD ORDER! Just make sure its all about RESIDENT EVIL not that HARD really.

While YOU are here PLEASE take alook at Biohazard 3.5 story if you ever wonder what the story could of been. Thank You For Visiting.

Goofs and Biohazard 3.5 (Canon) and Banned and Shamed (Canon) and Biohazard Mods (Canon) and Biohazard Cosplay (Canon) and Resident Evil Behind The Mask 2014


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